Why Join the MedWatch Program?

Vital Information Available to First Responders

Ensuring your vital medical information and health care wishes are available to Emergency Responders and Physicians in emergency situations.

Making Your Decision Makers Known

If you cannot speak for yourself, who will speak for you? If you don't document who will speak on your behalf, then the choice will be made for you.

Making Your Healthcare Wishes Known

It is not enough to verbally inform your care givers of your healthcare wishes. Your wishes must be documented and presented in order to be honoured.

Documents Together In One Place

All your vital information located in a single folder: Personal Identification, Emergency Contacts, Medical Conditions, Medications, Decision Maker Lists..

The Medwatch Program was developed in partnership with the Langley Division of Family Practice and the Langley City and Township Fire Departments.

The MedWatch Program is for all capable adults,
not just seniors or those with multiple health concerns.