Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I get the green dots?

    Green dot stickers can be found at your local dollar store or Walmart.

  • Where can I get the green package?

    Call the Langley Division of Family Practice at 604-510-5081 or go to your local doctors office.

  • Can a Power of Attorney make medical decisions?

    No. You will need a Representation agreement to give someone else authorization to make medical decisions on your behalf.

  • Can the same person be on my Power of Attorney
    and on my Representation agreement?

    Yes. You will need to complete both the Power or Attorney and the Representation agreements.

  • Do I need to go to a lawyer to complete my Representation agreement?

    No. You can download the forms from the links below and fill out.

  • Should I place my original documents in the Green Folder?

    No. Please make copies to put in the the Green Folder and keep your originals in another location.

  • I do not want CPR done, what can I do?

    You must have a No CPR form filled out and signed by your doctor. Please visit your doctor.

  • I have two children but only one, my son, is making health care decisions on my behalf. Do I need to let my other child know?

    You should have a conversation with both to let them know your medical wishes. You should tell them that they both need to be involved, but your son will be the person who makes the decision on your behalf.

  • Is the emergency contact the same person as my decision maker?

    It can be, however one of the emergency contacts should be someone who lives close to you and can be called to secure your place if necessary. They shouldn't live more than 20 minutes away if possible. This can include a neighbour, family member, etc.

  • Do I need to list all my medical conditions? Even the ones from 10 years ago?

    Yes. You need to list them all. It helps emergency responders help you more efficiently.

  • What happens to my information in an emergency?

    Your greensleeve will go with you in the ambulance to the hospital. The intention is that the greensleeve package returns home with you.

  • What if I don't live in Langley?

    You can still use the forms and greensleeve, but you will need to place the greensleeve on your fridge, so that first responders can easily find it. First Responders outside of Langley are not trained to look for the green dots.

  • Do I need a lawyer or notary to name a representative
    on a Representation Agreement?

    You must go to a lawyer or notary to have a Power of Attorney completed, but Representation agreements can be printed and witnessed by two people. You need both a Power of Attorney and Representation Agreement if you want someone responsible to make financial, legal and medical decisions on your behalf. The same person can be on your Power or Attorney and Representation Agreement.

  • Who do I contact if I want to volunteer to help with this program?

    Please use our contact information to send an email to the Langley Division of Family Practice or call us at 604-510-5081.

  • Where can I get help to fill out the MedWatch forms?

    Meals on Wheels can provide volunteers that will come to your home to help you fill out your MedWatch package and explain the program to you. You can contact Langley Meals on Wheels directly or call us at Langley Division of Family Practice at 604-510-5081.

  • Where can I find more Advance Care Planning information?

    Fraser Health Information Line

    Call 1-877-825-5034

    Information and Online Tool for Advance Care Planning

    Learn more

    My Voice – Advance Care Planning Guide

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