Having the Conversation with Your Doctor or Nurse Practitioner

When calling to book your appointment with your doctor or nurse practitioner,
explain the purpose of your visit to allow enough time.

Doctors or nurse practitioners are only required to complete the MOST (Medical Order for Scope of Treatment) or No CPR forms. The Doctor or Nurse Practitioner can help with understanding choices for treatments, interventions and potential outcomes.

  • Talk about what your health might look like in the future.

  • Explain types of treatments that might be used to make informed decision.

  • What proposed treatments may be offered to me and how might the treatments improve or worsen my daily life?

  • Discuss options for care at the end of your life.

  • Talk about the MOST and NO CPR forms.


  • MOST stands for Medical Order for Scope of Treatment.

  • Although you will always be asked to give your own consent for health care treatment as long as you are able, with illnesses many lose the ability to decide or speak on their own behalf.

  • If you cannot speak for yourself for health care decisions, your MOST order can direct your care.

  • Symptom management is always provided. Level of intervention is based on goals of care based on documented conversations.


  • NO CPR stands for No Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

  • CPR is only done if both your heart and breathing stop.

  • CPR is used to restart your heart and breathing with machines and/or chest compressions.

  • CPR can work for fairly healthy adults, if started right away.

  • If No CPR is chosen you will continue to get medical care to treat symptoms to keep you comfortable.

Place a copy of your MOST or NO CPR orders in your greensleeve.