Open the MedWatch Emergency form. Fill out the form in your web browser and then print the form or

Print the blank MedWatch Emergency form and fill out.

How to Complete the MedWatch Emergency Form

  • Complete the Personal Identification section of the document. Make sure to include your name, your Personal Health Number (PHN) (which should be entered into the BC Health Care Card # field), and your family doctor.

  • Document all medical conditions in the Medical Conditions section of the form. Make sure to include as much detail as possible, as this information could affect your care in an emergency situation.

  • In the Emergency Contact section include a local contact available to come and help you in an emergency situation and who could secure your home if you are unable to. Someone who lives close by is ideal.

  • If you are a caregiver, complete the Caregiver section.

  • If you have forms in your greensleeve that the emergency responders should access, complete the Advance Care Plan Forms section. Make sure to check off which forms should be in your greensleeve.

  • Complete the Medications section.
    • Your Pharmacist can print your list of medications. Attach your medications list to the form.
    • Update the list each time you get a new medication or a change in your medication.
    • Review the list frequently and add a reminder to your calendar to review in 6 months.

You have completed filling out the MedWatch Emergency Form!