Place Emergency Form in Greensleeve

Place a copy of your MedWatch Emergency form in your greensleeve.

Put Greensleeve in Safe Place

Choose a location that will be accessible to emergency workers when they arrive. Some common places to store your folder would be in a cupboard, drawer or on your fridge.

Apply Green Sticker Inside Home

Apply one green sticker to mark the location of the Greensleeve package inside the home. Apply to the outside of the fridge, cupboard or drawer.

Apply Green Sticker Outside Home

Apply one green sticker outside the entry door of the residence. Apply to front door of house or personal apartment door.

Mark Your Calendar

Mark your calendar for 6 months to update your documentation. Make sure to make changes to your documents if your medications change.

You have now completed the first steps to ensure your vital medical information is available to emergency responders. The next step is to start your Advance Care plan including naming decision makers, talking to your family and doctor.